Solar Plant Installation Company in India

Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant

An Empty plot of land that a developer might have once considered for housing or a parking lot may these days is a more likely candidate for a solar power plant. Increasingly, a plant chosen for such a location is ground-mounted.

Ground mounted PV projects are becoming more relevant in the solar industry as project sizes get larger and the nature of projects changes from an asset held by a building owner to a pure investment. Unlike rooftop systems, which are limited by the size of roofs, ground mounted systems can be constructed on a much larger scale, offering investors financially attractive projects.

Rooftop Solar Power Plant in India

The use of solar rooftop applications is growing rapidly throughout India. Rooftops are receptors of raw solar energy and can be transformed into solar power plants. Industries, institutes & households need continuous and regular access to power for various needs. Solar rooftop systems are designed to provide electricity in offices & homes with intermittent or no grid electricity. The solar rooftop system, being modular in construction, can be customized to generate and provide solutions based on your needs.

Rising cost of Electricity makes today the best time to invest in Rooftop Systems. Be an Independent power producer, not only does a system pay itself off via Subsidies and lower or no electricity bills, your investment in Ravi solar systems further attracts Tax Benefits.

Elevated Steel Structure

In a building where there is insufficient space on the rooftop due to Pillars, Light Shafts, Mumty etc. for putting up the Solar Power Plant, Elevated Steel Structure is Installed by fabricating and Joining Steel Pipes and Tubes.

Elevated Steel Structures not only provides as a Platform for the Installation and Commissioning of the Solar Power Plant but also helps the owner in utilizing the rooftop by serving as a canopy at the same time.



  • Architectural Design
  • Regulatory Permissions
  • Technology & Infrastructure
  • Cost Estimation
  • Feasibility Studies


  • Workforce Management
  • Civil Works
  • Equipment Supply
  • Iron Fabrication
  • Site Safety


  • Front-end Engineering
  • Safety Planning
  • Raw Material Purchase
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Quality Controls


  • Trial Run
  • Certifications
  • Grid Connections
  • Safety Protocols
  • Preventive Maintenance